A List of Allergen Free Food

These are all nut free products, I will highlight the ones that are made in nut free kitchen.

Every Day Staples

Schar Gluten free products, They also have some dairy and egg free products too

BFree – Gluten Free bread products. Although they use Pea Protein so if you have allergies to Legumes it’s probably best to avoid their products.

Tesco Gluten Dairy and Egg Free Sausages, they have literally saved our lives when it comes to feeding our boy. Find them in the frozen section

Tesco Gluten Egg and Dairy free Pasta and Pasta Sauce ranges

Orgran do a wide range of gluten free products that we use at home. Some of their products again contain pea protein. But they do brilliant home box buys to make cakes brownies pizza bases and bread! A particular favourite here is their pancake mix.



WowButter– Nut free alternative to Peanut Butter

Tesco Gluten Dairy and Wheat Free Garlic bread and Garlic Dough Balls

Tesco Gluten Dairy and Wheat free Stuffing

Tesco also do a great range of Dairy Egg and Wheat free chocolate too.

Fantastic allergen friendly crisps for children are Pom Bears, found in most shops.

Lazy Day Tray Bakes are Egg Wheat Dairy and Soya free. They are also made in a nut free kitchen which makes them all the tastier to me!

Lovemore biscuits are one of the few that we have found that don’t contain oats, wheat egg and dairy. they have Oreo style chocolate biscuits, custard cream’s and Jammy dodgers all suitable for our little one, the only problem is they are very hard to get a hold of. Tesco doesn’t stock them and Ocado only do the O’Choco biscuits. They do also do cakes and other biscuits if you can have cooked egg and dairy, definitely worth checking out.

The more products I find the more I’ll add.