Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year, we are very happy here as we’ve gotten through our second Christmas completely allergen free, no wheat, eggs, dairy nuts and the rest – the list is long, and no trips to the hospital!

Tesco’s out did themselves on their free from range, by far the best supermarket to suit our needs, we even managed gluten and dairy free stuffing and gravy this Christmas, something that was hugely lacking last year. The best find by far though has to be Betty Crockers Gluten Free Devil’s Chocolate cake mix, I think I literally screamed when the hubby brought it home. Once baked it was every bit the cake I have been looking for for my little boy. As he is egg free I had to experiment with how much egg replacer to use but on the second batch of cakes I got it right (the equivalent to 6 eggs rather than the four the recipe asks for). To finally have a cake that is actually like cake is a dream come true, especially after his birthday cake disaster, Peppa it may have looked like, cake it did not taste like, bad mummy.

I’ve done a few batches now and added extras like raspberry Jam and wowbutter to make it even more yummy, I think mummy is more taken with this than Harry is, but hey ho I can live with that! For an even easier cheat I realised that their chocolate frosting spread is also wheat, gluten, soya and dairy free too, happy days all round Ii’d say. I’ve asked hubby to come home with no less than six boxes on the next shop, lucky Harry or lucky mummy on this find, i’m not so sure.

Oh I’ve also  frozen and defrosted at room temp some cupcakes I made out of a batch of mix, defrosted they are as lovely as they are freshly made, but make sure you leave this icing off it you’re going to try that!

You can thank me later, enjoy baking!


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