White and Green Chicken Risotto

This recipe is free from:

cereals containing gluten – including wheat, rye, barley and oats, crustaceans – including prawns, crab and lobster, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs – including squid, mussels, cockles, whelks and snails, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya beans

This is an easy go to if I have a good hour to cook with, not that that happens very often, especially now there are two! This is a real treat for Harry he loves it and quite happily eats the lot so its a good way to get a good bit of veg down him. As he is adverse to Chicken having once been allergic to it its also a good way to hide the chicken within the creamy rice. I use any green veg he’s not allergic to in this recipe so I do use celery but this can easily be replaced with asparagus and it makes for an equally satisfying meal. The best thing about this meal is that you can do it all in one pot, save on the washing up and feed the whole family, yes please! I’m looking forward to blending it down for Jos too when we start weaning.

2 celery sticks diced
1 White onion diced
1/2  a head of broccoli
1 courgette diced
1 litre of gluten free chicken or vegetable stock
3 chicken breasts
Violife Prosociano (I use this as a replacement for parmesan)
Olive oil
1 lemon
dairy free butter- I like to use Pure Olive Oil Butter
350g arborio rice
1 large glass of Gluten Free wine (optional – the alcohol will cook off just leaving the flavour!)



  1. Add the broccoli, courgette, and celery to boiling water and cook till soft, drain and leave to one side.
  2. Dress the chicken breasts with crushed garlic, olive oil, salt and peper and place in the over for 25min at 180º
  3. Put the butter and chopped onion in a pan, cook the onion till soft and transparent. Add the rice and cook until the rice is transparent, stirring continuously.
  4. If adding the wine, do so now and stir the rice until completely absorbed,
  5. Add your stock to the rice a ladle at a time, make sure you wait till all the stock has been absorbed before adding the next, stirring throughout.
  6. Add the cooked vegetables and stir, breaking the broccoli up
  7. Chop the chicken breast into small chunks and stir through the rice
  8. Place the risotto into a large serving dish, squeeze over the lemon, place the rocket on top, sprinkle with the violife Prosociano and pepper, serve while hot.


Top Tip. use the water from the boiled vegetable with your stock to give extra flavour.
Mix it up. Try adding grilled asparagus with olive oil and rock salt, or for an added kick stir through some red pepper.