Weaning Round 2

I don’t know how its come around so quickly but here we are again pureeing everything in sight, and so far so good. We actually had a fighting chance this time as I had Jos allergy tested before I introduced any foods, and although at her age these results are inconclusive the all clear certainly gave me the confidence to begin. In our fight to try and reduce if any allergies Jos may have we were advised by Harry’s allergy specialist to wean early, at 4months. So far success! I’m going old school and pureeing everything from scratch so there can be no doubt if she does have a reaction what it is to. So far she has been enjoying, carrots, sweet potato, sweet corn and avocado with no one having to rush off to the hospital. I’m very aware that we are only at the beginning of her food journey and managing one child with food allergies and one without is going to have its own complications but it’s definitely a weight off both our shoulders for the time being.

Harry is especially enjoying feeding his little sister too!


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