Lazy Days – Tray Bakes

Okay so I have to talk to you all about Lazy Day Tray Bakes!



After months of yearning over brownies in the bakery shop window I disovered these in my local co-op and literally had to do a double take. These were brownies which were Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free and Egg Free and well everything else that Harry is allergic to free! I cleared the shelves  immediately, thinking that even if they were awful they’d be better than nothing and ran home (or quickly pushed the buggy) to devour the box! Not only were they not awful they were delicious! Rich, creamy and definitely a mummy treat!  My only issue now is that Tesco’s doesn’t stock them but they can be bought from both Waitress and Sainsbury’s, I also believe that amazon have them too! Still i suppose the walk up the road to the Co-Op will help me burn off a calorie or two!

Also they come in a few different varieties too, i’m having trouble deciding which is my favourite Rocky Road or Millionaires short bread, or Chocolate ginger slice, or well all of them, but its been fun working it out!

Check out their website here!