Are You Bready For This

So when we first found out Harry had a wheat allergen my initial though was ‘Oh my god, how do you live without bread!’ although there are millions of wheat and gluten-free breads out there, Harry’s egg allergy is so severe that we also had to find bread that was also dairy and egg free too. This was definitely a feat in itself but we got there in the end and now have a few fav’s

Top of this list:
BFree Bread – IDShot_540x540
his bread is has so far been the closest to the real thing, and comes in both brown and white. It has lovely big slices and as the site states its hard to believe it’s not wheat.

Unfortunately their wraps are not quite as tasty as their bread but when filled with yummy stuff do a great job of holding themselves together.

I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying their rolls yet but look forward to putting them onto my next shop!


Next on the List:

website_2AB_displaySchar Free from Foods –
We have tried their breads and rolls and love them both, especially their ciabatta brown rolls. Again not only Wheat and Gluten free they also are Egg, Nut and Dairy free too!

The reason why they are not top of this list, because i’m a greedy bugger and the bread slice are just a bit small for me!

We’ve also tried their crisp breads, have to say an absolute winner with my Harry can munch on them all day long, and lovely with a bit of avocado spread over the top! Also you have to check out their pizza bread, nothing like the usual pizza base but still yum yum yummy!


Last but not least:
WRAPS-GFWarburtons Newburn Bake House Wraps –

These are amazing!! I love love love these and I know a few coffee shops are now stocking these wrap breads for their wraps too! I’ve done these for breakfast on my george forman grill with cheese beans and mushrooms, not only have they toasted up nicely they have also held in all the deliciousness of the beans and made the (vioife) Cheese melt perfectly. Also had these for lunch as wraps and have even made into pizza for the evening, when having friends round I’ve also made these into tortilla chips, a little sprinkle of paprika and you’re off! only criticism unless toasting they don’t hold their shape well so you’ll have to hold the bottom of your wrap, but who cares when they are so yummy!