No literally WOW butter

So the story of how we found out Harry had allergies basically goes that I love peanutbutter and for most of my adult life that is what I had every morning on two pieces of toast. Now I know you aren’t meant to give nuts or peanuts to babies but somehow one morning in our rush to get out of the house to go on our holiday Harry, at just under 6 months old – we were well into the chaos of weaning, managed to either come into contact with or eat some of my peanutbutter toast, after that it was a rush to the hospital and us finding out that we were never to have nuts again……..Untill now!!! kind of… so obviously we still can’t have nuts or peanuts or peanutbutter in the house but I can’t believe how good this peanutbutter alternative is, it’s made mainly from soya and comes in two varieties smooth or my favourite crunchy and it looks, smells and tastes exactly like the real thing! Harry isn’t so taken by it but its now wowbutter on wheat free toast each morning for me! Going to try and make some wowbutter, gluten, egg and dairy free brownies soon, will post the recipe here for you all as soon as I do!

It also comes with handy stickers for lunch boxes to reassure that there are no real nuts in the sandwiches!


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