5 Top Tips for the New Allergy Parent

We have been in the allergy game for a while now and it made me think, what advice would I have been grateful for when we first found out about Harry’s allergies to make life a little easier. These are my Top 5

  1. Wipes. For any new parent the introduction of wet wipes to you life is a marvel. Not only are these wipes used for wiping bums and snotty noses but they are also used to clean the house, wipe down stains and even yourself if it’s a particular busy morning. You all know what I’m talking about. But for you the allergy mum they will be your biggest tool to help reduce contamination of your little one. Have a pack to hand at all times, use them to  wipe down tables in restaurants, toys at toddler groups, messy hands and faces of friends and family, and their own messy hands. This can and will protect your little one from a number of allergens. If you are worried about the damage to the planet of using so many wet wipes a day we have also in the past used a 100% natural sanitising water which was just as effective. (sanitising spray)
  2. Snacks. Unlike most mums out with their toddlers popping to the shop while out to grab a bag of crisps or your toddlers favourite snack is not going to happen. Buy suitable snacks in bulk and keep stocked up. I tend to go out with quite a few options, if little Larry is having a biscuit you can be damn sure my little Harry wants one too, and vice versa, its share and share alike with toddlers.
  3. Medipack. This one isn’t really a tip but a vital, create your own little medipack with everything you need that can easily fit into your baby bag. I have a largish purse which contains two epipens, a bottle of piriton, a little spoon, his inhailer and ventilator, calpol sachets and a little tube of steroid cream. It goes everywhere and is never opened at home. At home we have a medicine cupboard with all the extras. this pack isn’t opened so that we know at all times we have everything we need to make sure Harry is ok in an emergency or if he’s having a severe reaction.
  4. Call ahead. Although the world is definitely catering more towards those with allergies its always best to call ahead and check if the restaurant you are planning to eat at will be able to cook a dish for your little one. There is nothing worse than a hungry toddler and although we know they would love to live on snacks we also know unfortunately they can’t. We have in the past brought a precooked meal with us having asked in advance of the restaurant if they are happy with this when they can’t provide one. Nine times out of ten they are happy to oblige and plate up the meal for us. For Harry the most difficult meal tends to be dessert, when everyone else is tucking into an ice-cream or chocolate cake he can only have the fruit option so we have now taken to packing dessert too. I have a little cooler bag and as soon as I get to the restaurant I ask them to pop it in the freezer, Ice-cream and cake galore.
  5. Be calm. Its not easy but without being calm you are never going to enjoy the quality time you have with your little one. Be reassured by your wipes, sprays and medipack and once a month remind yourself of the signs and steps you need to take if your child does have an anaphalactic reaction. Remind friends you are with of your little ones allergies, our friends are amazing at looking out for our little boy too. They all panic at the sight of a nut too now.

    With all these in place hopefully your nest outing won’t be so stressful and you and your little one will be able to play and eat with peaceful minds.


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