A few months later

It’s been quite a long time since our last post, and we’ve been on quite a journey. We finally got an appointment in London to see a fantastic allergies specialist, He did some further scratch testing on Harry and we discovered along with his previously diagnosed allergies he was also allergic to, sesame, peas, oats, barley, lentils, fish – which we already suspected and Chicken. But amazingly Harry was now no longer allergic to Soya! mummy at this point did a little dance in the doctors office!

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to finally have this testing done and to not feel like you are going totally crazy when you’re telling people you thinking your child is allergic to Chicken and Peas!

All in all we now know that Harry is allergic to

Dairy (Butter, Milk)

Which means since this appointment I have been cooking most meals from scratch and have been on the hunt for the best alternatives around. I have to say having soya back on the menu has been great as its opened up a whole new world of food for all us. I am still breast feeding so whatever Harry can’t eat neither can I and my husband is doing his best to support us both.

so please have a look at the rest of this site for new recipes and food recommendations, Like BFREE Bread, definitely the best we have come across so far thats Egg, Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free!

Love Emma.



Hello world!

Hello to all who are reading this and welcome to my page, I’m Emma mum of a beautiful little boy called Harrison he’s 9 months old and is my world. I’m creating this blog to tell you all about our story and hopefully help anyone else out there who may be going through what we went through.

At 3 months old Harrison developed incredibly bad eczema all over his body and we were, as many new parents are, concerned. The GP’s batted us off with the usual ‘use a little steroid cream for no longer than 10 days and an emollient to moisturise the skin – side note we were prescribed Aveeno or an-absolute-no as we like to call it and told that most babies grow out of allergies by the age of 5 and sent on our merry way. We had months of our poor sweet baby in immeasurable agony as none of this helped us in anyway, every mum we came across had a different tip or method better than anyone else’s, we bought creams from Australia, and tiny little pots of stuff at £20 a pop all to no avail. On repeat visits to the GP we were given the same advice again and again, until one doctor at least said it could be milk in my diet as I was a breastfeeding mum. I then cut out all dairy from my diet and we began to see a small improvement in his skin. Although to the touch it would still break, and he was still covered head to toe in cuts and red rashy skin.

It wasn’t until we had an incident with some peanut butter, on a morning where we were making the journey to Cornwall from Essex of course, if your geography isn’t that great I regret it deeply now, that we discovered that Harrison had a second allergy. Now I know most people will be reading this thinking that you are not supposed to give babies peanuts, and I swear I didn’t the little bugger swiped it off my plate! There was also a popular theory at that time that if mums who were breastfeeding ate nuts it would in fact stop children from developing those allergies, so I had, as I wanted my son to not be allergic, been eating peanut butter on a daily basis by the bucketful! well once that stopped again we saw a small but visible improvement in Harrison’s skin. This along with an amazing female doctor at the ER who prescribed some stronger steroids and a much better emollient (all three of her Children had also suffered terribly with eczema). Horray!

On the back of this trip to the ER we were able to get some allergy testing done for Harrison and found out that our little boy was allergic to everything.

Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Soya, Nuts, Dogs (and yes we had one) and Fish. All of which had been in his diet as we had began weaning, baby led weaning to be precise, another day another blog and we’ll go into that one 😉 ,from 6 months, and I of course enjoy eating all of these foods all the time so my milk was rife with all of it.

Finally we had some answers though and had something to work with, and we finally got our little happy baby back who wasn’t irritable all the time. There were nights where I had to stay awake holding down his sock covered hands so that he didn’t rub his skin till it bled.

But now what?

I went on-line to see if there were any blogs out there and I went into Waterstones to find a book on meal plans for Allergy babies and I found nothing, nada, nientie. Just one book which at first seemed great but I quickly realised was full of recipes for children not for weaning babies.

So this is why I am here, I want to share recipes for babies, and mums who want to cut out these allergens from their diets and share the incredible stuff you can find free of all these allergens at your local supermarket.